About Us

The Barlow Group Adv., LLC is a full service ad agency born in 1984 when John Barlow saw a need in the Metro Detroit marketplace for an agency that will put the client first. Prior to starting his own agency, he was the Director of Marketing & Advertising for Thorn Apple Valley, as well as the Media Buyer and Media Supervisor for Leo Burnett working on the Proctor & Gamble, Harris Trust, and Kentucky Fried Chicken accounts.

After amassing many years of marketing and media experience. John Barlow formed Barlow Communications in to service accounts throughout the state of Michigan. Today, the agency is known as The Barlow Group Adv., LLC. John Barlow and his agency have over 55 years of advertising experience.

At The Barlow Group Adv., LLC, we know how to brand and position our advertising clients so that they takeoff and grow within their target audience areas. Our company specializes in developing and implementing corporate and retail advertising and marketing programs for all types/sizes of accounts.

Our team members are all seasoned professionals with solid marketing and advertising experience that can help your Firm grow financially. We are not just one person working out of our home or rented office.

We have an excellent and award winning creative product due to the depth and experience of our staff. This will enable your advertising dollars to work harder and more efficiently in your marketplace.

With our twenty-six clients in the Detroit Market on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail and ADVO, we are able to secure extremely competitive media rates due to the volume of media dollars placed, thereby saving your company considerable media dollars.

We are confident that our company can provide you with an excellent advertising program. We are aware that your advertising budget is a large part of your company’s expense and we will make sure that we provide you with a quality program in order to ensure that those advertising dollars are dollars well spent!