What We Do

As one of the larger local ad agencies in Southeast Michigan, we can help you build, brand, position and grow your company’s offerings within the Detroit D.M.A. We know how to do this because we have done this repeatedly for our clients and a number of business clients over the last thirty-five years. We have on-site capability of doing all our work in house, such as:

Media Planning & Buying:With our twenty-six clients in the Detroit Market on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail and ADVO, we are able to secure extremely competitive media rates due to the volume of media dollars placed, thereby saving your company considerable media dollars.

Creative: With our award winning creative team, we will make sure to make your message stand out from the crowd. We can create a script and come up with a branding statement for you.

Marketing & Brand Strategy: Based on your defined goals,we will build, brand, and position your companies’ offerings. We will work within your budget to make sure that you have the right marketing mix to give you a well-balanced advertising program.

Television Placement and Production: Sight, sound and emotion are what makes T.V. so effective. We can help build your brand by creating and placing a beautifully done television spot. We can write the script, shoot, and edit.

Outdoor Placement and Production: We can create an eye-popping billboard and make sure that is placed where it will be seen by your target audience.

Radio Placement and Production: Let us help you produce and place a creative spot that will ensure that people will remember your brand!

Direct Mail: We can help get your message out to the right people at an affordable rate.